Over 10,000 applications from civil servant and also senior citizens in Tamil Nadu under the New Medical Insurance System throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in between July 2020 and also August this year, have actually been rejected. Due to the fact that the variety of denied applications is massive, groups have actually been created at the area degree to examine the applications.

At a conference to examine cashless therapy under the NHIS in between July 1, 2020 and also August 31 of this year, “it was located that around 10,929 insurance claims were rejected for numerous factors,” the money and also accounts police officer informed the Collectors.

The Commissioner asked the Enthusiasts to develop groups at the area degree to carry out example research studies of such instances and also give a thorough record prior to completion of the month. The groups each contain the principal doctor/ elderly doctor, a treasurer and also a staff member of the insurer. They likewise carry out routine example research studies (every 2 months) in huge healthcare facilities and also send out records to the Workplace of the Commissioner for Money and also Audit.

” Virtually every staff member needed to defend insurance policy cases. The system likewise has some fundamental defects, “stated Fr. Frederic Engels, State Organizer of the Activity to Eliminate the Contributory Pension Plan System.

He highlighted a specific trouble with the execution of the program. Although the program was contracted out to a firm, there are 2 outdoors managers, he stated. While one business was appointed to some areas, the continuing to be areas were appointed to an additional.

” It was impacted with a simple round. If a civil servant is confessed to a health center in an additional area while on a vacation or after a crash, the 3rd party manager states that the various other 3rd party manager is taking care of that area’s events. This results in an unneeded worry on the individual. Cashless therapy is never ever cashless. Reimbursements should not be enabled in all as it weakens the principle, “he stated.

There more than 9.33 lakh civil servant and also regarding 7.31 lakh senior citizens in the state.

Medical insurance for 4 years was presented for these workers in 2008. The policy was restored in 2012 and also 2016. The policy from 2016 was intended to run out in 2020, however was prolonged by one year because COVID-19. NHIS 2021 was presented from July 1st.


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