On Tuesday morning, the director basic of the complimentary medical insurance fund CMCM was a visitor on RTL Radio.

Fabio Secci, the director basic of the Caisse Médico-Complémentaire Mutualiste (CMCM), harassed that the complimentary medical insurance fund is unequivocally in favor of a common vaccine mandate and “can’t perceive” why a vaccine mandate ought to solely be restricted to sure sectors or demographics.

The CMCM has round 280,000 members and is among the most necessary actors in Luxembourg’s healthcare sector.

Up till now, individuals didn’t appear to be bothered by vaccine unwanted effects every time they needed to journey to “unique international locations”, Secci criticized. The director basic of the CMCM said that it’s “a disgrace” that there’s so little belief in science on this context. It’s scientifically confirmed that vaccination “will carry us again to normalcy”, Secci argued.

Whereas it’s true that Omicron is much less extreme, Secci harassed that “each Covid demise is one too many”, including that with each an infection, the virus continues to flow into – and mutate. The truth that persons are nonetheless dying from this illness needs to be blamed on all those that demand a return to regular life although they’re nonetheless against vaccination, Secci said. Whereas the choice to not get vaccinated needs to be revered, it’s an “incomprehensible one”, the director basic of the CMCM defined.

Secci additionally criticized the concept that ‘recovered from Covid-19’ is seen as simply pretty much as good and even higher than ‘vaccinated’. For Secci, vaccination needs to be prioritized as technique and vaccinated people ought to profit from “extra benefits” in comparison with those that refuse the jab. After all, Secci acknowledged, there’s a “very, very small” quantity of people that can’t be vaccinated for medical causes and their lives should not be made harder.

The director basic of the CMCM said that he has no thought why the Affected person Advocacy Group is against a vaccine mandate, including that “we’re at the moment not seeing eye to eye”. Secci argued that the nation wants a “extra impartial” affected person advocacy group, “the place not each commerce union member is robotically a member”. On this context, Secci additionally identified that the Affected person Advocacy Group is more and more working in opposition to docs.

Secci additionally declared that the CMCM is in opposition to “two-class healthcare”, which is why the complimentary medical insurance fund thinks that medical practices needs to be allowed to have MRI scanners. Nevertheless, Secci added, the Nationwide Well being Fund (CNS) should set a fee to make sure that everyone seems to be reimbursed the identical quantity and keep away from a state of affairs during which solely privately insured sufferers would be capable of afford MRI scans or get appointments faster.


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